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     With the closing of 2017 came the tenth annual American Glass Expo show held in Las Vegas. There was much anticipation for this show as many glass artists from around the world had made their way to the the Vegas strip to take part in the well regarded AGE show. Much like the previous AGE shows, there was an awards ceremony held during the second to final evening of the expo. Contestants underwent a nomination process back in October and November of 2017 before official votes are cast by community members in December leading up to the awards show in January.
     There was a good representation of Southern Californian glass artists whom took part in the expo; their names include Hoobs, Hops, 7TEN Glass, Nerv, Pyro and Illso, just to name a few of household glass names. One particular piece which caught our attention was the Pirate Air Boat vassal designed by a stacked twelve member collab. “This piece was designed and assembled at Ziggy’s in HB” shared Nerv. “Majority of the piece was put together by Hops, but Hoobs, Rocko, Bose Oner, Robertson, Gateson, JD Maplesden, Icke, Sean 5050, Preston Hanna, Doc and I (Nerv) contributed elements to the Air Boat piece as well.”
     Collaborations tend to bring out the best of artists, yet solo pieces are what define an individuals’ true essence. One notable award recipient was Peter Muller; People’s Choice Winner for the Atlantic Region for 2017. Muller is the back-to-back award recipient for very good reason. The combination of various glass blowing elements and techniques utilized by Muller to create his unique style is just as important as his artistic influences of fairy tale caricatures with an underlying tone of graph art. Please refer to the AGE website for a complete list of award recipients.
     What’s next for AGE? They will be hosting their Spring event on May 1st & 2nd at the Pontchartrain Convention Center in New Orleans.

Nerv Glass - Duff 6 Pak

7TEN Glass Back

7TEN Glass Front

Ziggy's Air Boat

Ziggy's Air Boat

Ziggy's Air Boat

Ziggy's Air Boat

Ziggy's Air Boat




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