Molten Art Classic Five – Molten ‘SS’ Shipwreck



     As another 4th of July approached, so did the gathering of the world’s largest functional glass art collaboration created using borosilicate. Glass Artists from around the country joined to take part in the fifth annual Molten Art Classic (MAC). The team will be building off an earlier concept yet pushing the limits of boro by depicting the Molten ‘SS’ steamship as a sunken shipwreck.

     As with previous classics, the frame and base of the colossal glass structure was being engineered and assembled piece by piece by Master Glass Artist, Hoobs, and members of the original MAC crew; Hops, Rocko, JOP, and Bose Oner. Less than a week before the MAC piece celebration and festivities of the 4th of July after party, the group was joined by some new and mostly returning artists; Carsten Carlile, Malaquias, Nerv, Jsyn Lord, Zii, Dosh, Sagan, Selby, Sean 5050, Miyagi G, Dopals Opal, and last but definitely not least, Sweers.

     Picture yourself trying to stay cool in midst of the summer heat, standing in a warehouse packed with artists and spectators, as ten plus torches and five kilns are firing off at any given moment; you’ve got it, it’s impossible to stay cool. Nevertheless, calm and resolute, these professionals were melting glass and kicking ass. We hope you enjoy the little recap video we put together. Be on the look-out for an actual documentary film in the works by the MAC team.

As the guys at Ziggys say best,

Stay Glassy!


Special thanks to Hoobs, Molten Art Classic, Ziggy’s Glass Gallery, The Real Yung L.A., Classik_Mussik, 89 Productions, Ty Killingsworth, and my dawg, Adios.


Hops & Rocko 

Hops & Rocko 

Rocko, Hops, Zii, and Sweers


Jaws of Molten SS by Zii

JOP Opdenaker


Carsten Carlile


Trump Fish 😂

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